1. How does my equity work?

  • You accumulate purchase equity for 100% of rent paid FOR AS LONG AS YOU RENT.  Purchase equity may be used towards up to 50% of the purchase price of either the rental or a step-up instrument.
  • Old Town Violins' rental program empowers YOU with flexibility and choice rather than locking you in to a standard "rent to own" system.

2. Is there a charge for changing sizes?

  • No, size changes are free. Also, full size instruments rent for the same price as smaller fractional sizes.

3. What is the difference in the Silver and Gold packages?

  • Gold Package rentals feature a more expensive, step-up instrument equipped with better strings.
  • While both are solid wood, hand carved and feature a professional shop set-up for ease of play, Gold Package instruments produce a more complex and sophisticated tone.