What size should I rent?

Instruments come in many different sizes. It is important to rent the correct size for your child or they will find it difficult or impossible to play. If there is any question, choose the smaller size.


Violin and Viola sizing:

Arm length is the most accurate way to select the correct size instrument. Have your child stand with his or her arm outstrectched to the side, not reaching, but not bent either. Measure from the base of the neck to the center of the palm. The inches indicate the most comfortable size instrument for that child.


Violin and Viola Measurement Specifications:

16.75-18.5 in.= 1/8 violin                                                                                                                
18.5-20.25 in.= 1/4 violin, 11" viola                                                                                          
20.25-22.25 in.= 1/2 violin, 12" viola                                                                                            
22.25-23.75 in.= 3/4 violin, 13" viola                                                                                        
23.75 in. and up= 4/4 violin (full size)                                                                                         
23.75-24.75 in.= 14" viola                                                                                                         
24.75-25.5 in.= 15" viola                                                                                                            
25.5- 26.25 in.= 15.5" or 16" viola (depending upon finger span)       
26.5 in. and up= 16" viola or larger


Cello Sizing:

Cellos can be roughly sized by the player's age and is even more accurately obtained when applying the player's height. However, since body proportions are the most important factor here, there is no substitute for trying out actual instruments.


Cello Measurement Specifications:

1/4 Cello (age 5-7--under 4' tall)                                                                                                      
1/2 Cello (age 7-11--4'- 4'6)                                                                                                         
3/4 Cello (age 11-15--4'6"- 5")                                                                                                     
4/4 Cello (age 15-adult--5' and up)