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Our Hours

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tuesday through Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am-3:00pm

Parking Information

The driveway to our REAR parking is located on the RIGHT side of the building. 


Additional Parking Suggestions:

Behind the violin shop are only 7 parking spaces. Below are some optional locations to park:


*Maxwell St. (at the corner of Broadway) offers a few unmarked FREE parking spaces and also a dozen or so metered spaces.

*The 2 buildings east of OTV have offered their rear parking on Saturdays for special events with prior notice. Feel free to contact us before an event to confirm these lots available for our use. 

*Mill St. is located just behind OTV. There are many metered spaces (free on Saturdays).  There is a path behind us that connects our back lot to other lots on Mill. It’s a quick walk going this back way!


We appreciate your flexibility and patience while we strive to find nearby and free parking spaces for you at our wonderful downtown location. We kindly ask all our patrons to respect the parking rules of nearby businesses to prevent any unnecessary towing. Thank you!